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Badger Tool Belts

[Badger] Trim Set - Sawdust Sage

[Badger] Trim Set - Sawdust Sage

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Before choosing belt size PLEASE read the belt sizing guide below. Do NOT just go by your pants size as it can lead to an incorrectly fitted belt. 

For an optimal fit, there should be 2″ to a max of 6″ of open space between your belt ends. For instance, if your measurement is 36”, you should go with a MD belt which will leave about 3” of open space. Keep in mind, if you prefer your bags to sit further back, order on the small side.  

 [Your size - belt pad length = between 2-6 inches] 

If you prefer a trimmed-down set, this rig will keep you organized while still providing an impressive amount of storage. It’s a shortened version of our Carpenter’s Set, measuring 11″ top to bottom, and includes a contoured belt with metal COBRA® buckle.

Trimmer Tool Bag: Three narrow tool slots and 2 wide slots in the main pouch, a wide slot in the lower pouch, a tool loop in the rear, three pencil slots, and a knife slot up front for easy access. Also included the hammer sleeve.

Trimmer Fastener Bag: Speed square slot and a lower wide slot below it, a wide slot in the lower fastener pouch, two tool compartments up front, two narrow tool slots in the rear, and a webbing slot on the underside that’s perfect for tucking away a nail puller, try-square or other narrow tools.

As with all Badger bags, the bottom of the main and fastener pouches are reinforced with USA made tactical webbing to increase puncture and abrasion resistance.


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