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TrigJig Angle Finder AF16 MKII

TrigJig Angle Finder AF16 MKII

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The TrigJig Angle Finder AF16 MKII. Now with our NEW Quad Display Design that includes a protractor, mitre, single and a rise and run scale.

The AF16R MKII is a serious piece of kit, with 16" measuring arms on either side. Made using 1/4" aluminium billet manufactured by high precision CNC milling machines to an impressive tolerance.

The MKII includes some significant upgrades from the previous AF Pro models. The CNC machined arms are now anodised in our brand colours that not only looks stylish but also increases tool longevity. 

The measurement scales are now lasered directly onto the tools for better accuracy. 

The AF16R Pro also includes a quick-reference lookup table for coving angles. The table clearly displays the mitre and bevel settings for your mitre saw based on the most common corner angles and coving spring angles (45° & 38°).

A dedicated handy online calculator for smartphones allows the user to input the protractor reading and instantly get the calculated angle they require for more complex projects. 

3-year manufacturer's warranty included.

Suitable for roofing, paving, drywall installs, carpentry, finish trimming, metal fabrication, framing, floor laying, marking and laying out, the applications are endless!

  • 16" (406mm) measuring arms
  • CNC machined anodised aluminium construction
  • Laser scales direct to the tool
  • NEW rise & run gauge
  • Protractor display
  • Mitre angle display
  • Butt joint display
  • 1° increments (>0.25° accuracy)
  • 3 year warranty
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